Yoshihiro Aogami Super Gyuto with Magnolia Buffalo Horn Handle

by Yamawaki Hamono


This Yoshihiro gyuto is handcrafted using Aogami Super core steel, heat-treated to 64 HRC for extraordinary edge retention. The stainless steel jigane is nicely polished, and the grind is beautiful done for thinness behind-edge and great geometry, enabling excellent cutting smoothness. The fit and finish is not bad at all consider the ultra affordability of this knife. Overall a great value for money knife to have.


  • Origin (Made in): Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • Brand: Yamawaki Hamono
  • Knife Type: Gyuto
  • Blade
    • Construction: Warikomi
    • Grind: Double-edged Blade (50/50 Grind)
    • Hagane (Core Steel): Aogami Super
    • Jigane (Cladding): Stainless Steel
    • Hardness: 64 HRC
    • Hand-forged, hand-grinded, hand-sharpened
    • Blade Length: 210mm (8.3") / 240mm (8.7")
    • Blade Height (at heel): 47mm / 48mm
    • Spine Thickness
      • Above heel: 2.4mm / 2.4mm
      • Middle: 2.0mm / 2.1mm
    • Handle
      • Shape: Hachikaku (Octagonal)
      • Material: Japanese Magnolia (Ho Wood)
      • Kuchiwa: Black Buffalo Horn
      • Length: 134mm / 142mm
    • Overall Length: 359mm / 398mm
    • Weight: 140g (4.94oz) / 173g (6.10oz)
    • Engraved Mark: In Japanese Kanji "Yoshihiro Made" (義弘作)

    About Yoshihiro 義弘 / Yamawaki Hamono 山脇刃物

    Established in 1927 in Sakai Japan, Yamawaki Hamono produces knives under the "Yoshihiro" and "Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro" brands, named after a famous swordsmith of the Kamakura period. Having mastered mizu-Honyaki process, the most challenging construction and treatment, Yamawaki Hamono combines Sakai's centuries-long history of knife making knowhow with newer technologies to create superior chef knives. The current owner of the Yamawaki Hamono - Mr. Ryoyo Yamawaki - is also a lecturer at several culinary schools. Having apprenticed under Sakai blacksmiths, the new generation craftsmen Igarashi Nori and Masaya Shimizu lead the Yamawaki workshop to create incredible knives that are well recognised among Sakai artisans.


    Aogami Super (Blue Super) steel is considered the most superior Japanese high carbon steel for knife making. It is not stainless, therefore you must wipe your knife dry after each use, in particular the core steel not covered by the stainless cladding. Patina will develop over time, which will appear as “discoloration” on the cutting edge, but that is the nature of carbon steel - not a defect. The stainless cladding covers a large part of the blade, making maintenance easier but still preserving the cutting and sharpening pleasure of the Aogami Super core. Avoid cutting into bones, frozen foods, hard fruit pits.

    Cutting Surface:

    Recommended cutting surface: wood, rubberized boards and high-end composites, and quality plastics such as polyethene make acceptable cutting surfaces, and will help protect and prolong knife’s edge. AVOID glass, metal, countertops, and other rigid, non-forgiving surfaces.


    We recommend sharpening all quality Japanese knives on whetstones, as we believe they yield the best results for your knives. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Mandar Kulkarni (Falls Church, US)
    Order >> Shipping >> Delivery >> Product

    Ordering **** (4 stars)
    There's some scope for improvement on the website. (e.g. My Account is buried at the bottom of the left menu. I struggled to find it. Should be easily available, probably at the right top corner.

    Shipping ***** (5 stars)
    One word... Fast, love it.

    Delivery ***** (5 stars)
    Nice packaging, delivered over the weekend... love it.

    Product ***** (5 stars)
    240 mm Gyuto surprisingly light weight... love it.
    Handle is great for my medium size palm... love it.
    Extremely sharp edge out of box... love it. (Beware, I cut myself thrice so far. Probably still getting used to the sharpness of the blade. Believe me, it has potential of landing you in ER)

    Overall shopping experience ***** (5 stars)

    William Maddox (Floyd, US)
    Great Knife

    I’m just getting into Japanese knives. This one came in great shape and packaged really well. The edge is very sharp and is very well made.

    Claudiu Georgescu (New York, US)

    Very well made knife , sharp out of the box and pretty decent finish . A little on the thin side for my taste but still a great knife especially for those that work all day with it ...

    Phap Nguyen (San Diego, US)
    Best in class

    One of the best Japanese knife in the $200 range PERIOD. It is as good as the one that I paid $500.

    javier belmont (La Richardais, FR)
    great !

    this is my first japanise knife. Very very sharp, light, nice balance, I'm really happy with it

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