Seki Kanetsune Moribashi with Magnolia Buffalo Horn Handle

by Seki Kanetsune


Moribashis are Japanese plating chopsticks used for transporting food to the plates, as well as serving Japanese foods like Tempura and Sashimi to customers. These are precision kitchen tools used by chefs to create precise plating and handle delicate ingredients. These moribashi with magnolia buffalo horn handles are made by Seki Kanatsune in Seki, Japan. 


  • Origin (Made in): Seki, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
  • Brand: Kanetsune Seki
  • Type: Moribashi (Plating Chopsticks)
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Length (Steel Part): 165mm(6.5") / 180mm (7.1")
    • Handle
      • Material: Japanese Magnolia (Ho Wood)
      • Kuchiwa: Buffalo Horn
      • Length: 142mm
    • Overall Length: 306mm / 322mm
    • Weight: 60g (2.12oz) / 63g (2.22oz) 

    About Kanetsune Seki 関兼常 / Kitasho 北正

    The owner of Kanetsune Seki brand — Kitasho — has been making knives in pre-war Japan, in Seki City (関市) which has over 800 years of blade-making history. After the war, they established the Kitamura Shoten, which led to the current Kitasho company. The Kanetsune (兼常) brand is named after a famous sword-smith who lived in the Muromachi period around 14-15 century. Making different series of knives under brands including Kanemasa (兼正作), Honsho Kanemasa (本匠兼正作), and Minamoto Kanemasa (源兼正), Kitasho Company is on the mission of passing down Seki’s 8 centuries long knife-making techniques and traditions.


    Wash and dry with a soft sponge, and safely store after use. 

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