Tojiro "Zen" VG10 Black 165mm Nakiri

by Tojiro


The "Zen" Black Nakiri is a VG10 nakiri knife from Tojiro, with a black oxide processing on the blade. VG10 as core steel, clad by 13-chrome stainless steel, it has achieved both professional sharpness and easy maintenance. With the oxide black chemical conversion coating, the blade is ultra corrosion resistant and at the the same time offers a special visual aspect. With a good level of fit and finish, VG-10 core steel, this nakiri offers great values at this price range.


  • Origin (Made in): Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture, Japan
  • Brand: Tojiro
  • Model No.: FD-1568
  • Knife Type: Nakiri
  • Blade
    • Construction: San Mai
    • Grind: Double-edged Blade (50/50 Grind)
    • Hagane (Core Steel): VG10
    • Jigane (Cladding): Stainless Steel
    • Hardness: 60-61 HRC
    • Hand-sharpened
    • Blade Finishes: Kurosome (Oxide black coating)
    • Blade Length: 165mm (6.5") 
    • Blade Height (at heel): 50mm 
    • Spine Thickness
      • Above heel: 2.5mm 
      • Middle: 2.3mm
    • Handle
      • Shape: Marushinogi (D-shaped)
      • Material: Charred Chestnut
      • Kuchiwa: Polypropylene Resin
      • Length: 125mm
    • Overall Length: 300mm
    • Weight: 154g (5.43oz)
    • Mark: In Japanese Kanji "Trademark Tojiro Zen" (登録 藤次郎 禅) ; “Zen Black | Made in Japan”

    About Tojiro 藤次郎

    Tojiro is the large knife manufacturer in Tsubame-Sanjo, an area with a few centuries of knife-making tradition. Tojiro knives offer great value for the price. Established over 50 years ago, Tojiro combines modern technologies and traditional craftsman methodologies, and is a pioneer of stainless steel knives in Japan. Their philosophy is to improve efficiency with machines while respecting traditions when it comes to quality and finish.


    Wash and dry with a soft sponge, and safely store after use. Avoid cutting into bones, frozen foods, hard fruit pits.

    Cutting Surface:

    Recommended cutting surface: wood, rubberized boards and high-end composites, and quality plastics such as polyethene make acceptable cutting surfaces, and will help protect and prolong knife’s edge. AVOID glass, metal, countertops, and other rigid, non-forgiving surfaces.


    We recommend sharpening all quality Japanese knives on whetstones, as we believe they yield the best results for your knives. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Great knife at any price

    I know this is an overused cliche but this knife really does feel like an extension of my hand. I was able to get almost paper thin slices of radish and cucumber right out of the box. Sometimes I use it to peel an apple just for fun (yes I'm a nerd). I use it almost daily for small jobs and sharpen it about twice a month. It gets really sharp quickly and easily. Just had some family come over and try it and they thought it was fantastic as well.Want to get them one, but they're sold out. The handle and blade have held up well for the three months I've owned it. Highly recommended

    Based on 1 review Review this product

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