Nigara Hamono 二唐刃物鍛造所

With 350 years of history, starting from making swords for Tsugaru clan in the early Edo period, Nigara Hamono has passed down knowhow and skills for eight generations. Its 5th generation blacksmith Kunitoshi Nigara (二唐 國俊) was a legendary sword maker, earning a long list of accolades, honorary titles and knighthood. The current (8th) generation blacksmith — Tsuyoshi Yoshizawa (吉澤 剛) is supported by his father Toshiju Yoshizawa (吉澤 俊寿) who has keen interests in art and music. Nigara’s famous Anmon design is the result of Toshiju’s love for Andy Warhol’s artworks. The family business’ expansion into construction steelworks has given Nigara unmatched access to in-house knowhow when it comes to advanced finishing. All these set Nigara apart as one of the most special knife makers in Japan. Read More

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