Yoshihiro Yauji 弥氏良寛

It is not rare that a person’s childhood experiences had an influence on one’s career choice. It certainly is the case with Mr. Yoshihiro Yauji. Born in 1983, Yoshihiro developed an interest in DIY as a child, and he gradually fell in love with tools made of steel. He found a very special connection with knives because knives in his own words "represent the starting point of mankind". From the Stone Age, human-beings started using knives to cut trees and eventually led to the development of civilization. In 2003, Yoshihiro became an apprentice of Master Hideo Kitaoka, who is considered one of the best artisans in Japan. After more than 15 years of training, Yoshihiro finally started making knives independently in 2019. It’s worth noting that he does forging, grinding, finishing, and sharpening, all by himself.

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