Atoma Diamond Sharpener Replacement Plate (Spare Blade)

by Tsuboman


Atoma replacement blades are for people who already own Atoma Sharpener Plates. After years of use, your Atoma plates will start to wear and will eventually need replacing. However, I have been using the same Atoma #140 since 2017, and have repaired dozens of knives on the same plate. My favorite use for these plates is to make double-sided diamond plates of my favorite grits. - Ryky

Atoma Diamond Sharpening Plates are products of Tsuboman, a superb Japanese manufacturer with very refined products. These plates are made of mono-crystalline diamonds as the abrasive surface on stainless steel. The quality and durability of these Atoma plates are of the highest we could find, with precision made surfaces that have high uniformity. 

Made in Japan


  • Origin: Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
  • Dimension: 210 x 75 x 1mm

Grit Model Use
Atoma #140 ATM75-1.4C Repairing chipped or damaged knives. 
Atoma #400 ATM75-4C On dull knives. Gives you finer edge than #140
Atoma #600 ATM75-6C Even finer finished edge. Great combo with #140
Atoma #1200 ATM75-12C Substitution for a #1000 grit whetstone


Ryky’s Repairing Combination: #140 / #600: After repairing any knife on the Atoma 140, I take that knife right to the 600, before going on a 1000 grit whetstone.

Ryky’s Maintenance Combination: #600 / #1200: When I am short on time, and cannot pre-soak a whetstone, hopping on the Atoma 600 is quick and easy, followed by the Atoma 1200. I can strop right after the Atoma 1200, and get a usable edge in any kitchen.

Double-sided Atoma Plate

To make a double-side Atoma plate seen in Ryky's videos, pick up a grit from Atoma Diamond Sharpener Plate, then pick up a spare blade (from this listing) of another grit you are likely to use. This replacement plate comes with adhesives pre-attached, so you don’t need additional tools for attaching the spare blades.


After use, please make sure to remove as much debris from the plate, and wipe dry with cloth.  Discoloration on diamond plate surface is normal, due to heat build up during use. This will not damage the integrity of the plate.

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