Burrfection Diamond Compound 20g

by Burrfection


With 20% concentration of diamond powder, Burrfection Diamond Paste Stropping Compound can be used for polishing knives after sharpening. Packaged in a 20g syringe, the paste can be conveniently applied onto the surface of a leather strop.

The 4 micron / 5000 grit paste (green syringe) removes scratches on the blade; the 2.5 micron / 9000 grit Paste (red syringe) creates a delicate semi-glossy finish; and the 1 micron / 14000 grit Paste (blue syringe) creates an ultimate mirror finish when loaded onto a premium leather such as the Equine or Shell Cordovan. Save 20% when you buy a full set.


  • Brand: Burrfection
  • Material: Diamond Powder (Concentration: 20%)
  • Contents: 20g (0.705oz)
  • Micron / Grit Level
    • Green: 4 Micron / 5000 Grit
    • Red: 2.5 Micron / 9000 Grit
    • Blue: 1 Micron / 14000 Grit
  • Container: Plastic Syringe


    Wash hands and face thoroughly after use. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place where sunlight can not be directly exposed, away from heat, ignition sources and incompatibilities.


    Harmful if swallowed. May be harmful if inhaled or in contact with skin. May cause eye irritation. Keep away from children and domestic animals. First-aid measures.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Ivan Gill
      Not a Big fan

      New to sharpening, bought Ryky's stones, beautiful Kato 240mm Gyuto, Buffalo STrop and this. I am an extremely happy customer, great products, fast delivery... I will be back.

      As for the Diamond Green paste... I find it too wet, covering the strip with a very thin translucent layer, it remains wet for over a day and if you strop when wet, most of the paste ends up on the knife within a couple of strokes.

      I have much better results with the wax bar and a drop or two on mineral (baby) oil to smooth and level the wax surface.

      Maybe if I cleaned and dried my strop and used much less paste it would be fine, maybe it my fault. will look for a video see if it is something I am doing wrong.


      Ivan, thank you for your honest review of the stropping compound. The formula was made, as is, due to the feedback Ryky got from months of testing. Lots of customers have complained that stropping compounds from various makers dried too quickly and would gunk up the stropping after just one or two uses. As a diamond compound, you do not need to “load” the stropping surface as you would with traditional stropping paste. Again, thank you, for supporting what we do.

      Alex Lee (Central, HK)

      Should have just gotten the highest grit only.

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