Kaishin "Thin Series" Ginsan (Silver #3) 135mm Petty

by Nakamura Hamono


This "thin series" wa-petty knife is a "laser" knife, hand-forged, handcrafted and hand-sharpened by a team of traditional artisans and craftsmen. With Ginsan (Silver #3) steel, you get similar hardness and some of the characteristics of Shirogami #2, but with stainless / rust resistance properties, making this knife much easier to maintain. The grind is quite smooth, with good thinness behind-the-edge and quality sharpening matching the price range of this series. The polish is done to a higher standard than most other knives of this cost, so the knife is very enjoyable to use. More importantly, Kaishin's magnolia handle comes with a blonde/marble buffalo horn kuchiwa, something less seen in knives of this budget range. Overall this is a knife of superb value for money.


  • Origin (Made in): Sanmu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
  • Brand: Kaishin
  • Knife Type: Petty
  • Blade
    • Construction: San Mai
    • Grind: Double-edged Blade (50/50 Grind)
    • Hagane (Core Steel): Ginsan (Silver #3)
    • Jigane (Cladding): Stainless Steel
    • Hardness: 60-62 HRC
    • Hand-forged, hand-grinded, hand-sharpened
  • Blade Length: 135mm (5.3")
  • Blade Height (at heel): 28mm
  • Spine Thickness
    • Above heel: 2.2mm
    • Middle: 2.0mm
  • Handle
    • Shape: Hachikaku (Octagonal)
    • Material: Japanese Magnolia (Ho Wood)
    • Kuchiwa: Blond/Marble Buffalo Horn
    • Length: 120mm
  • Overall Length: 269mm
  • Weight: 61g (2.15oz)
  • Hand chiselled mark: In Japanese Kanji "Kaishin" (魁心)

About Kaishin 魁心 / Nakamura Hamono Kogei 中村刃物工芸

Nakamura Hamono Kogei is a young company founded in 2015 as a teamworking workshop for emerging traditional Japanese blacksmiths. Teaming up a number of traditional craftsmen and seasoned sharpeners, Nakamura Hamono Kogei has created its original brand “Kaishin” (魁心) to showcase what can be achieved when like-minded blacksmiths work together to perfect their crafts.


Ginsan (Gin3 or Silver #3) is a stainless carbon steel, with 14% added Chromium. Retaining the character of Japanese carbon steel, with similar hardness of Shirogami #2, Ginsan is stainless. It's edge retention is only slightly inferior to Shirogami #2, but the fact that it combines ease of sharpening, carbon steel character as well being stainless makes it a great choice for those who wish to have a Japanese carbon steel knife that is easy to maintain.

Cutting Surface:

Recommended cutting surface: wood, rubberized boards and high-end composites, and quality plastics such as polyethene make acceptable cutting surfaces, and will help protect and prolong knife’s edge. AVOID glass, metal, countertops, and other rigid, non-forgiving surfaces.


We recommend sharpening all quality Japanese knives on whetstones, as we believe they yield the best results for your knives. 

Customer Reviews

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Alan Eisenberg (Portland, US)

Yes that's what I named this beauty. It feels like that to me. The fit and finish are superlative! The choil is smoothly done and the spine is polished. I watched a video of this maker forging blades. His attention to everything was admirable. The steel is a trip to see. It's like fog with a light wash of color. The Kanji work is perfect. Yeah it's a goodie. It's laser thin and easy to care for. I am very happy to have this in my kitchen.

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