KOYO "Green Rouge" K-1 Buffing / Polishing Compound

by Koyo-Sha


This "Green-Rough" K-1 polishing/buffing compound is a popular product in Japan, often bundled (in small size) with buffing/rust repair kits, and used professionally by blacksmiths to give their blade surfaces a preliminary polish. KOYO - being a major supplier of buffing wheels and belts - is a trusted brand among Japanese blacksmiths. 

This K-1 compound is designed for the buffing of steel tools, including knife blades, after #600 grit finishing. We recommend this buffing compound as a gloss polish of blade surfaces after rust removal. After using a rust eraser to remove rusts and spots, apply this compound on a felt pad, buff until a light luster appears. 

This 500g compound wax bar lasts a very long time, and is a great addition to any toolbox. 


  • Brand: Koyo-Sha
  • Material: Chromium Oxide
  • Contents: 500g (17.64oz)
  • Used with Felt pad, buffing mops, or spiral sewn buffing wheels 
  • Suitable for buffing post-#600 finished steel

About Koyo-Sha 光陽社

Koyo-Sha was founded in 1926 in Awakawa City of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. They have been focusing on manufacturing various polishing compounds for blacksmiths to polish their knives. As knife sharpening and polishing are gaining popularity among normal households, their products have almost become a must-have in homes inside and outside Japan. 


Keep away from heat and flame. Avoid eye and skin contact. Wash thoroughly after use. Store in a dry location and keep out of reach of children. 


    Wear gloves if you have sensitive skin.

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    John (Pittsburg, US)
    This is the only polishing rouge I use.

    This is the best polishing rouge available

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