KOYO New Sunlight Polishing Compound 100g

by Koyo-Sha


The Blue Label KOYO Sunlight Polishing Compound Paste is a water-based polishing/buffing paste for knife blade maintenance including polishing, removing hairline scratches and dirt, restoring lusters, as well as removing unwanted patinas. Simply apply a small amount of compound on a piece of soft, clean cloth, then gently wipe on the surface of the blade back-and-forth. After that, wipe the surface clean with another clean, dry cloth. Polishing by gently buffing back and force in straight lines, and avoid circular motions.

We have also stocked other colored labels in case you'd like to polish other household items including aluminum, plastics, and copper-brass. 


  • Brand: KOYO
  • Contains: abrasives; fatty acid; hydrocarbon; water
  • Contents: 100g (3.53oz)
  • Specifications
    • For Stainless Steel (Blue label)
    • For Removing Dirt (Red label)
    • For Aluminium (Purple label)
    • For Plastics (Ivory label)
    • For Copper-Brass (Green label)
  • Particularities
    • A mildly fragrant type without the scent of petroleum
    • Fine luster will be back to your articles by removing tough
      dirt (such as cigarette tar) and fine scratches.
    • Suitable for the day-to-day care of your articles.
    • Put an appropriate amount of New Sunlight on soft cloth and polish like rubbing with fingertips.
    • Wipe off well with a clean dry cloth after polishing.

About KOYO (Koyo-Sha) 光陽社

Koyo-Sha was founded in 1926 in Awakawa City of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. They have been focusing on manufacturing various polishing compounds for blacksmiths to polish their knives. As knife sharpening and polishing are gaining popularity among normal households, their products have almost become a must-have in homes inside and outside Japan. 


Do not use New Sunlight Polishing Compound against:

  • New articles and articles as lustrous as new.
  • Soft resinous products, such as Polypropylene.
  • Optical lenses, such as eyeglasses, camera lenses.


Avoid freezing and direct sunlight, and storage indoors. Do not contact / breathe / swallow. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Wear gloves if you have sensitive skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Craig Cavanaugh (Burbank, US)

Great product. It works better than described! Hopefully, the shipping charges will be better soon. But I have nothing bad to say! Totally satisfied!

Chris Ummels (Utrecht, NL)
Polish koyo

Easy to apply
Works well
Nice shine

Geoffrey McNeil (Clementon, US)
Great product but Mail fee

I'm enjoying KOYO Compound. Yet, when purchasing l could not review the shipping cost options. Which there was not? WHY Thank you

Nenad Cvitkovic (Rijeka, HR)

Excellent product

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