KOYO Polimall Ultra-Micro-Abrasive Polishing Cloth Sheet

by Koyo-Sha


Koyo-Sha's Polimall Polishing Cloth is impregnated with ultra-micro abrasive particles and lustering wax, to remove dirt, patina, fine scratches, and retore gloss finish or lustering. Depends on color, the clothes have different polishing performances, from the pink one being the strongest to blue being the softest. 

Material Pink Blue  Yellow
Iron / Stainless Steel
Tin / Nickel Silver
Copper / Brass

Coral / Tortoise shell


  • Origin (Made in): Awakawa City, Tokyo Metropolis, Japan
  • Brand: Koyo-Sha
  • Contains
    • Flannel Cotton Cloth
    • Wax
    • Ultramicro Abrasive Particles
    • Fatty Acids
  • Size: 125 x 195 mm
  • Types
    • Pink: For Iron, Steel, Titanium and Platnium
    • Yellow: For Copper, Brass, Tin, Nickel Silver, Coral and Tortoiseshell
    • Blue: For Gold and Silver

Made in Japan

About Koyo-Sha 光陽社

Koyo-Sha was founded in 1926 in Awakawa City of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. They have been focusing on manufacturing various polishing compounds for blacksmiths to polish their knives. As knife sharpening and polishing are gaining popularity among normal households, their products have almost become a must-have in homes inside and outside Japan.


Do not wash. Polimall gets darken as you use it but it won't lose its effect. Use a clean cloth / tissue to remove dirts on Polimall.


Do not apply Polimall on jewelry; pure gold; white gold ; pearl; glasses; camera lens; plastic products ; matted product. Not suitable for deep scratch removal. Wear gloves if you have sensitive skin.

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