Naniwa “Burrfection Edition” Professional #800/3000 Combo Stone Set

by Naniwa


Note: This product is formerly known as Naniwa "Ryky Edition" Professional #800/3000 Combo Stone Set

Ever since before the creation of his Burrfection channel, Ryky was a huge fan of the Naniwa Pro whetstones. At the beginning of 2016, he bought 2 dozen sharpening and polishing whetstones to test, and throughout the next 4 years of testing whetstones, there is a shortlist of whetstones by which he measure and compare all other whetstones to.

The Naniwa Pro 800 and 3000 become his go-to for splash-n-go (non-soaking) whetstone. They became the whetstones used for all his sharpening demos and tutorials, as well as his personal knives. They are fast cutting, give great feedback, and more importantly - always give him consistent and reliable results.

When the opportunity arose for Ryky to partner with Naniwa to create his own line of whetstones, he thought creating a combo set with his two favorite splash-n-go whetstones was the obvious choice. The Naniwa Pro #800/3000 “Burrfection Edition” Combo, is truly, the first time a professional grade sharpening and polishing whetstone has been offered as a set.  Every time a whetstone company offers a combo set, something is compromised.

There were no compromises made in the creation of the Naniwa Pro #800/3000 “Burrfection Edition” Combo set - you are getting the same quality of sharpening and polishing compounds offered in the standard Naniwa Pro #800 and #3000 whestones. By making the stones 25% thinner than the original, the combo is now 30% more affordable.

This combo set gives users everything Ryky loves about the Naniwa Pro 800 and 3000, but in a more affordable all-in-one package, and with no compromise on quality.

Made in Japan. Made by Naniwa Abrasive Mfg. Co. Ltd for Burrfection.


  • Origin: Osaka, Japan
  • Grit No.: #800 / #3000 WA
  • Type: Splash & Go
  • Dimension: 210 x 70 x 15mm+15mm (8.2 x 2.7 x 0.5"+0.5")
  • Weight: 1,295g (45.67oz)
  • Abrasivewhite aluminium oxide 
  • Cohesive agent: magnesium-bound
  • Comes in a Naniwa plastic storage box

How to use:

Do not soak this whetstone. Simply apply water on the surface when ready to use. Rinse and wipe dry with a hand towel when done, and allow air dry at room temp. Do not leave in water.


How to clean:

If the stone’s performance is slowing down, or seems to be diminishing, you can clean using a rust eraser,  nagura stone, dressing stone, or a flattening plate. Be sure to clean the entire surface of the whetstone when using any of these methods to ensure even wear of the whetstone’s surface.

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