Rolled Buffalo Premium Leather Strop

by Burrfection

Rolled Buffalo strops are Burrfection's best selling strops. After testing dozens of types of leather, this particular grade of leather has proven to be suited for practically every type of knife steel. The leather is extremely resilient, and does not warp, and very dense, due to how it was finished. Can be loaded with any compound, or used bare.

The Best all-around leather for stropping. Period.
  • Premium grade leather for stropping your knives and razors to their absolute sharpest.
  • Perfect strop for beginners or pro knife sharpeners.
  • Suited for practically every steel type
  • Ideal for loading with 5K-14K grit compound or use naked (without loading)
  • Extremely resilient, flat - Perfect for stropping knives with micro-bevels
  • 3 Base Choices: Polycarbonate, Tempered Glass or Hinoki
  • 2 Size Choices: 10 inch (10" x 2.5") or 12 inch (12" x 3")
  • Slip-free silicone rubber feet

Buffalo hide strops are extremely glossy, and robust. They can be used with or without stropping compound, and will give your knives and razors an amazing edge. Buffalo hide is naturally oily, and glossy.

Polycarbonate Base

This is the standard strop base that we recommend, due to its extreme durability, light weight and aesthetic properties. Made of high quality polycarbonate glass sheet. These bases are highly transparent and highly resistant to impact. They are many times stronger than glass or HDPE, and almost unbreakable. It's also much lighter than tempered glass.

Thickness: 8mm / 0.3"

Tempered Glass Base

Back by popular demand, and in limited supply are strops with tempered glass base plates. Ryky loves playing and experimenting with different materials for his strops, and the last time he made strops with temper glass was back in 2018, and all 100 pieces made were sold out in a matter of days. Now he's releasing another 200 pieces for a limited time. 

With the same level of attention that Ryky put into everything he designs, these temper glass plates have a high polish all around and have chamfered edges and corners, and are very comfortable to hold.

Thickness: 8mm / 0.3"

American White Oak Base

Ryky wanted to make a strop base using one of America’s most beloved hardwoods. White oak is very stable and has great water resistant properties, which makes it well-suited for his strop blocks. Being around an environment where water is the norm, having a hardwood that is resistant to warping is a must. If white oak is good enough to be used on century-old bards and school house exteriors, it is good enough for Ryky's strops. With the same level of attention that he put into everything he designs, all of the corners and edges are hand sanded, and are very comfortable to hold.

White Oak base is sourced and made in the USA. 

Thickness: 20mm / 0.8"

Hinoki Base

As one of the most prized types of wood in Japan, it is also referred to as “sacred” wood. The straight grain enhances it’s elegance, and has been known to have a light “lemony” scent.  

Hinoki is also higher rot resistant due to its natural oils. For those who appreciate the appeal of classic Japanese furniture, Hinoki strop blocks will make a great addition to your knife sharpening kit. With the same level of attention that Ryky put into everything he designs, all of the edges are finished by hand sanding to show the classic beauty of hinoki wood. An engraved Ryky logo can be found on one side of the the wood base.

Thickness: 16mm / 0.6"

NEW Carbon Fiber Base

As a cyclist, carbon fiber has a special place in Ryky's heart. After refining the manufacturing and finishing process, and without having to increase the price over the original design, Ryky is very excited to offer this new version to customers. This latest version offers a number of upgrades, from custom CNC chamfered edges and corners, to a new carbon layup design. The CNC edges and corners make for an extremely clean and comfortable to hold finish. The upgrade from a UD (unidirectional carbon) to 3k weave pattern increases structural strength (not that the UD version needed it). And with each layer using the same material, these are 100% carbon fiber in construction.

Thickness: 8mm / 0.3"


  • Designed by Ryky Tran in California
  • Strop Leather Sourced in USA
  • Leather Made in USA
  • Assembled in Hong Kong

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jonathan Kim
Great strop and base, needs a case

I'm just starting to get into artisan Japanese knives and after hours of research settled on Ryky's buffalo leather strop. It's a very premium product, the leather arrived in perfect condition, and it sharpens my knives quite well. After watching Ryky's videos, I felt pretty comfortable doing it for my first time, just taking it now and slow. I mostly have positive things to say about it.

The only downside is that I wish a small case or at least a ziplock bag was provided to keep the strop and compound on it safe in storage. I don't want dust or water to get on the strop. It's just a touch too big for a gallon zip locks to be used.

victor chavez (Houston, US)
rolled buffalo strop /polybase

best strop i have ever used!!! came packaged well and the strop was built with pride it really shines through!! teally amazing experience from ordering to the way it was packaged and built just truly amazing cant wait to purchase more items from burfection store !! Thank you Ryky!!!

Orest Witiw (Sault Ste. Marie, CA)
Great quality strop

I was pleased to see the quality of the strop when I opened my order. The self adhesive pads for the glass were a nice touch to stop the strop from slipping. I tried it on my very old but cherished Gerber hunting knife after I sharpened it on my Arkansas stone. After watching Ryky use it I very carefully stropped my hunting knife and could shave the hair on my arm. This strop will be a great addition to the polishing stone I purchased from the Burrfection store.

Dennis Rice (Oroville, US)
Rolled Buffalo strop

Works well without compound

Frank Chow (San Leandro, US)
Good leather, good size!

I've used it a few times as a strop and it's been working pretty well!

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