Sakai Takayuki Moribashi with Ebony Buffalo Horn Handle

by Sakai Takayuki


Moribashis are Japanese plating chopsticks used for transporting food to the plates, as well as serving Japanese foods like Tempura and Sashimi to customers. These are precision kitchen tools used by chefs to create precise plating and handle delicate ingredients. These high-end moribashi with ebony wood buffalo horn handles are made by Sakai Takayuki in Sakai, Japan. The metal body of the chopsticks is beautifully polished with smooth tapering, and the buffalo horns add style to the finish. 


  • Origin (Made in): Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • Brand: Sakai Takayuki
  • Model No.: 09015 / 09016 / 09017
  • Type: Moribashi (Plating Chopsticks)
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Length (Steel Part): 150mm (5.9") / 165mm(6.5") / 180mm (7.1")
    • Handle
      • Shape: Hachikaku (Octagonal)
      • Material: Ebony
      • Kuchiwa: Black Buffalo Horn
      • Length: 144mm
      • Overall Length: 293mm / 308mm / 323mm
      • Weight: 48g (1.69oz) / 63g (2.22oz) / 65g (2.29oz)

      About Sakai Takayuki 堺 孝行

      Sakai Takayuki is Sakai's top knife maker and artisan workshop. Japan's Sakai region has a knife making history of 600 years. Among these knife makers, Sakai Takayuki is a representative of Sakai's long history of making blades. The quality of the finish and details of the forging technique are handed down over generations of fine craftsmen. Today Sakai Takayuki is sold to over 100 countries around the world. Their uncompromising knife making passion has attracted passionate customers beyond the border of Japan.


      Wash and dry with a soft sponge, and safely store after use.

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