Suehiro "Bespoke Kouseki" Finishing Whetstone #10000

by Suehiro


Based on the legendary whetstone for barber blades, the “Bespoke Kouseki” stone is reproduced using the traditional fire-bake method using ultra-fine magnesium oxide. This ultra high-end Kouseki stone is the newest improved version based on customer feedback, suitable for creating the ultimate finish to the edge, as well as polishing honyaki blades with ripple hamon lines. 

Made in Japan


  • Origin: Niigata, Japan
  • Grit No.:  Grit #10000
  • Model No.: SRK-10000
  • Type: Super Fine Finishing Whetstone
  • Contents:
    • Kouseki Whetstone (Whetstone rack not included)
    • Whetstone-Polishing Coarse Whetstone (Green)
    • Whetstone-Polishing Finishing Whetstone (White)
  • Whetstone Size 210 x 73 x 22mm (8.3 x 2.9 x 0.9")
  • Product Size 310×132×40mm (12.2 x 5.2 x 15.7")
  • Weight: 695g (24.52oz)
  • Material: ultra-fine abrasives / magnesium oxide
  • Japanese Name: 末広 「別誂 光石」

How to use:

Whetstones manufactured by the magnesium oxide method need only a bit of water to start sharpening with high grinding power. 

How to clean:

If the stone’s performance is slowing down, or seems to be diminishing, you can clean using a rust eraser, nagura stone (included), dressing stone, or a flattening plate. Be sure to clean the entire surface of the whetstone when using any of these methods to ensure even wear of the whetstone’s surface.

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